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Science and Technology Sec 1

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Science and Technology




Class notes and other important files:


Scientific method


How to use microscopes?




Genes, Chromosomes and DNA


How to write a research paper?


MLA rules (for in-text citations and works cited pages)




Homework and projects:


Homework or project  Description  Due date 


Cell model




Students had to create a model cell (plant or animal) out of various materials.

They had to label the different organelles of their model.

Students also had to complete the project handout.


March 20th


Gumball machine


Students had to create a gumball machine in the wood workshop.

They also had to complete the project handout.



April 15th



"How does it spread"

(research paper)



Students had to research an epidemic of their choice.

The students received instructions (handout) on how to write the research essay and had to present their information in class as well.


May 12th


End of year test



Students will be writing a test covering various topics that we have seen and discussed throughout the year:


- Variables (independent, dependent, controlled)
- Observations (qualitative, quantitative)
- Scientific method
- Steps and parts of conducting an experiment
- States of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
- Reading a thermometer
- Reading a graduated cylinder (for volume)
- Reading a triple beam balance
- Measuring volume through water displacement (overflow can method)
- Acids and bases
- pH scale
- Red and blue litmus paper and colour changes
- Water cycle (different parts and identify parts on a diagram)
- Separation techniques (filtration, decantation, sedimentation, distillation)
- Cells (the organelles and their functions; label a diagram; viruses and bacteria, how science has helped epidemics)
- Characteristics of living things
- Food webs and food chains
- Prey and predator relationships
- Adaptation methods


June 2nd






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