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Homework, Assignments, Projects

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Homework, Assignments, Projects




Homework, Assignments, Projects Due Date 



Researching a Montreal Street 


As we looked at Quebec's religious past, student learnt that Quebec's history

has been affected by different religions and religious groups.


In this assignment, students had to research one particular street and find out about its history.




February 25th


Reasonable accommodations - Abstract Representation


Since Quebec's society includes different cultural and religious groups, certain issues can come up.

Our different beliefs our sources of discussion and debates and can sometimes cause tensions.


In this assignment, students must form their own definition of what reasonable accommodations are.

They must make a collage of images that form their definition.

Afterwards, their must write a reflective essay on reasonable accommodations.

Finally, they will present their images and their essay to the class.





April 1st


Commercial Project


Earlier in the school year, students were introduced to vocabulary terms pertaining to ethics.

They then analyzed commercials to see how values, norms and ethical issues are visible in our culture.


In this assignment, students will create an advertisement of a product marketed to teenagers or will make an advertisement

for a campaign to raise awareness of an issue that affects teenagers. Students will have a handout to fill out while working on

the project.







May  27th




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