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Ethics and Religious Culture

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Secondary 5 Ethics and Religious Culture





Over the course of the year in ERC, students will acquire knowledge and develop skills in line with the two objectives of the course: the recognition of others and 

the pursuit of the common good. Throughout the various themes of the course, students will continue to develop the three competencies:

- Reflects on ethical questions

- Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion

- Engages in dialogue


Class notes and handouts:


Conditions that foster dialogue


Processes that hinder dialogue (part 1)


Processes that hinder dialogue (part 2)







Term 3   Due Date 
Religious References Project

In class we have discussed some of the ways religion influences our behaviour and our actions. Students will now think about and reflect on how religion is present in the different elements of our culture and our entertainment.


Religious References Assignment


March 26th





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