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During the course of the year, students in TMA will learn and develop their computer skills by using various programs.

They will work on their problem-solving skills and will also be encouraged to be creative and in all of their projects.


When students submit their assignments, they must log onto the school server. This can be done in any of the school's computer labs.

To log onto their server, students must enter their username (last name and first name all together, all small case) and their password (ID number).

When submitting their work, students must go onto the public folder and place the file in my Dropbox.

They must then log off their server.



Please consult the following table for project outlines and rubrics as well as due dates.





Outlines and rubrics  Due Dates 
Making a comic strip 

Making a comic strip


Comic strip rubric


TMA - 01 : September 30th

TMA - 04 : September 26th

TMA - 06 : September 25th 

Designing a logo 

Project Info - ACS Logo 


Rubric - ACS Logo


TMA - 01 : October 22nd

TMA - 04 : October 24th

TMA - 06 : October 23rd 

Creating a Stykz animation

Project Info - Stykz 


Stykz Rubric



TMA - 01 : November 5th

TMA - 04 : November 7th

TMA - 06 : November 6th 




TMA - 01: December 10th

TMA - 04:  December 12th

TMA - 06: December 11th







Project Outline 


Due dates 


Stykz animation in Imovie

with sound effects



Project Info - Stykz


Stykz Rubric


TMA - 01: December 17th

TMA - 04:  December 19th

TMA - 06: December 11th


Excel spreadsheet



Spreadsheet information 


Spreadsheet rubric


Example of spreadsheet



TMA-01: February 11th

TMA-04: February 13th

TMA-06: February 12th






Project outline and rubric 


Due dates 


Word document 


Project Info - Word document 


Word document Rubric


TMA-01: March 18th

TMA-04: March 20th

TMA-06: March 19th 



Photoshop project

(Magazine cover)


Project Info - Photoshop project


Photoshop project rubric



TMA-01: April 8th

TMA-04: April 17th

TMA-06: April 9th




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