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POP Projects,Assignments Due Dates

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POP Project/Assignment Due Dates


Term 1


Due Date (by group number)
 Multiple intelligences homework

 For each category of intelligence,

find and write down 4 or 5 jobs that would fit into 

that category.

Can be typed or handwritten.



 Why study this? A Cross-curricular Game 

Students must of and write down skills and knowledge that 

they learn in their assigned subject and must then explain how 

it is used in their assigned career.



 School subjects and careers 

Students must use Career Cruising to select one occupation

and find the necessary information.



Career exploration project

Career exploration project 

01: October 21st

02: October 16th

03: October 17th

04: October 22nd

06: October 18th

07: October 21st

08: October 17th


 Marketing activity worksheet 

Students had to market a brand of soda and design their logo.

Afterwards, they had to present their soda brand to the class.



Reflection  on career exploration

 A worksheet with reflection questions on their career exploration.


Know yourself collage

Know yourself collage


Summary sheet of collage images



Term 2  Assignment/Homework/Project  Due Dates 
Flip book activity and reflection questions 3D Animation and CGI activity 

POP 01: December 9th

POP 02: December 11th

POP 03: December 19th

POP 04: December 10th

POP 06: December 13th

POP 07: December 9th

POP 08: December 12th


YPI Worksheet -


Appendix C (pages 43, 44, 45)

Appendix D - F (pages 46 to 48)



POP 01: December 16th

POP 02: December 18th

POP 03: December 19th

POP 04: December 17th

POP 06: December 20th

POP 07: December 16th

POP 08: December 19th


YPI Group Presentations



YPI group project


YPI Presentation Rubric

Presentation dates: 


POP 01: January 13th

POP 02: January 29th

POP 03: January 16th

POP 04: January 14th

POP 06: February 7th

POP 07: January 13th

POP 08: January 16th


Term 3 




Due dates 


2nd Research Project 


2nd Research Project 


POP 01: April 11 (due by 1:00 pm)

POP 02: April 2nd

POP 03: April 10th

POP 04: April 1st

POP 06: April 4th

POP 07: April 11 (due by 1:00 pm)

POP 08: April 10th 


Writing a resume



Curriculum Vitae Project


POP 01: May 20th

POP 02: May 21st

POP 03: May 22nd

POP 04: May 27th

POP 06: May 23rd

POP 07: May 20th

POP 08: May 22nd






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