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Secondary 3 Ethics and Religious Culture

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Secondary 3 Ethics and Religious Culture



The Secondary 3 Ethics and Religious Culture course focuses on ethical issues and questions related to: media influences, human relationships, justice, world religions, existential questions as well as other topics.




Concepts and keywords


Ethical types (all six)




Homework, assignments, projects:


Assignments  Description  Due Date 


Term 3




Slam Poetry



As part of this project, students will reflect on what they consider to be the most serious issues and problems affecting their generation. Using this information, students will compose a short slam poem on their issue(s).


Students will then present their poems.


Slam Poems




March 15th


Pilgrimage project



As part of our discussion on pilgrimages, students will research a particular pilgrimage. With the information they find, they will produce a product (research paper, presentation, etc.)


Pilgrimage project


April 9th



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