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Secondary 2 Ethics and Religious Culture

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Secondary 2 Ethics and Religious Culture


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In the Secondary 2 Ethics and Religious Culture Course, students will explore various topics including: autonomy, substance abuse, authority figures, role models, the human reproduction cycle, STIs, animistic religions and polytheistic religions. Students will also develop an understanding of the tension between our needs for personal autonomy and the protection of a democratic social order.




Course outline


Concepts and keywords




Assignment Description   Due Date 



Term 3








Drug Research Report





Either individually or in pairs, students will research a particular drug and explain what it is along with the effects of its use.


Drug Research Report


Works Cited Page Instructions



February 6th


Fentanyl Crisis




As part of our discussion on substance use and abuse, we will look at the fentanyl crisis striking North America. Students will answer a reflection related to this.


Background information:


Kati's story: the new face of the fentanyl crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG70kTLfS7w

ER struggles with fentanyl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5aDKr-ilsQ

Fentanyl crisis pushed demand for drug legalization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa0jYIr5R2A




- What is the current situation with fentanyl in North America?


- What do you believe, if anything, can be done to help the crisis? (provide examples in your answer)



03 group: February 19th


09 group:

February 16th


Authority and Teens


Role models



As part of our discussion on authority, authority figures and role models, students will complete the handouts related to these topics.




03 group: March 12th


09 group: March 19th



Questions on movie Coach Carter



As part of our continuing discussion on authority, authority figures and role models, students will answer questions on the movie Coach Carter.




03 group:

April 10th


09 group: April 9th

Monotheism vs polytheism handout Students complete the handout comparing monotheism and polytheism. The handout was provided in class.  
Iroquois creation story

As part of our discussion on creation stories, we read the Iroquois creation story together and students had to analyze it afterwards and answer questions.


The handout was provided in class.



Researching a creation story



After reading and discussing a creation story, students will choose and research a creation story from a particular culture or religion of the world.

They will analyze the elements of the story and will explain the symbols used.


Project Outline


03: May 2nd



09: May 1st


Aboriginal spirituality



Based on the class discussion and readings provided in class, students will answer the following questions on aboriginal spirituality.


1. What are three common beliefs held by aboriginal cultures in their religion?

2. Explain the importance of totems in aboriginal spirituality.

3. Choose one of the practices/rituals and explain what is done and its significance (importance) for the aboriginal culture that practices it.

4. What is a code of ethics?

5. Do you believe that a code of ethics is good forever or should it be revised and changed over time?



03: May 7th



09: May 4th


Sexual objectification

In class we discussed sexual objectification and the examples we see in popular culture. Students watched a TED Ed video as background information.


Following this, students must explain: an example of sexual objectification they know of in popular culture, explain what effects it can have on people (example: self-esteem) and explain what people can do to address sexual objectification.


Video link:


May 22nd

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